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Land loan financing is not always the easiest finance to obtain although there are specialist land mortgages as well as other ways of financing, with bridging loans & financing being one option, obviously, there are many types and categories of land and these must be taken into account when looking at land loans & finance options.


First is the land loan for residential or commercial property, or it could be agricultural or a pony paddock, each type of land would need to be looked at in a different light.


Land Finance for building land would really depend on if the land had planning permission on it, obviously if so then it is far better when it comes to obtaining land finance as the value is validated with the planning approval as such this could be funded with either a bridging loan or development finance, if your intention is to simply buy the land and then sell on for a profit then a short term bridging loan would be the idea method of purchasing land because these loans are for up to 24 months you could buy the land and have plenty of time before you sell on for a profit, also bridging finance is paid out in one lump sum and you will only ever pay interest on it until the loan is paid back and then only on the number of days the loan was outstanding, the other option would be property development finance, this is a loan that would be used if you wish to develop the land and is different to a bridging loan in that you drawdown a percentage of the loan on day one and then draw funds down as your build progresses known as a monthly valuation as with bridging loans interest is what they call rolled up what this means is that rather than paying interest monthly it is either deducted from the loan advance as in bridging, or with development it is deducted from the loan on redemption, so there are no ongoing monthly payments to be made.


Other types of land financing would be for farm & agricultural land these can both be financed using a land mortgage, from specialist lenders in much the same way as a traditional mortgage a term is agreed and the loan paid back with monthly mortgage payments, with something like a smallholding or pony paddocks finance could be arranged through personal loans or a secured loan on any other property you may own.


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