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RBS Bridging Loans, the growing demands for bridging loans have prompted banks like RBS to restructure the types of loans they offer RBS Bridging Loans are usually only on offer to existing account holders so if you are looking for an RBS Bridging Loan and do not have a bank account with them it is very unlikely a loan will be forthcoming, some lenders also offer bridging calculators but as far as we can tell the Royal Bank Of Scotland is not one of them, although we cannot see an RBS Bridging loan Calculator we do offer one and you can check it out HERE.


What’s the Difference Between A Bridging Loan and Asset Finance?


RBS take a slightly different approach in the way they package bridging finance. They have several options and can include monthly repayments thus are a cross between bridging loans and standard loans or the Interest is rolled up into the loan so you have no monthly payments the interest is deduced for the advance.


We offer bridging loans that do not require monthly repayments. Our bridging loans are designed for individuals and businesses that need access to cash quickly with the intention to repay the loan as a lump sum once the funds become available.


For example, if you are purchasing a new home or a property to renovate, we can raise the money for you. The loan will be paid back within an agreed timescale once you raise the funds through the sale of your house or renovated property.


Likewise, if you are just starting a business and need capital to purchase machinery or materials, a bridging loan bides you sufficient time to make profits so you can pay off the loan at a fixed date in the future, rather than having to make monthly payments.


Bridging loans enable you to manage cash flow and grow your business. Asset finance is better suited to businesses that are already established and have an income but looking to expand.


How Much Money Can I Borrow?


Growing your business often means investing in new assetsBut when you don’t have the capital to purchase vehicles, materials or tools for the trade up front, bridging finance can help to get you started or move forward.


We can offer loans up to £500,000 or £10m depending on the type of loan you need and the turnover of the company - under £2m or over £2m.


The minimum amount you can borrow with a secured commercial loan on a fixed rate is £35,001 up to £10m or with a commercial mortgage between £25,001 and £500,000.


RBS customers looking for a loan to purchase a new home before you sell your existing property will struggle to find a suitable solution with the bank. The only solution is a bridging loan which RBS do not offer as a personal finance package.


UK Bridging Loans offer a range of finance solutions that enable individuals to purchase a new home and repay the loan once the sale of your existing house is completed.


Property developers can also benefit by borrowing anything from £150,000 to £10m. Bridging loans are available for 3,6,9 or 12 months and interest rates are just 3.8% per month.


RBS secured loans


Secured commercial loans from RBS work in the same way as bridging loans. Before RBS will agree to lend businesses an asset finance loan, applicants must show the capability to repay the loan.


This typically means you will have to secure the debt against commercial property and have a business plan in place with realistic projected earnings.


Bridging loans are also secured against property that has equal value to the loan amount. Interest is charged at a monthly rate. In most cases, the term of the contract will be agreed from the start so you know exactly how much you will have to pay when the loan period expires.


It is also possible to leave the exit date open. This is a flexible option for property developers purchasing land or property to develop but do not know when the project will end or when you will sell the units.



UK Bridging Loans are one of the UK’S leading bridging loan brokers and can search all of the loans on the market to source the perfect deal for your circumstances.


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